Custom Garden Accents and Landscapes

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The Garden Gate offers one of a kind, hand made garden structures and landscapes. Built with only the finest materials from local sources. Fully functional, our products are designed and constructed by horticultural specialists. With over 20 years experience in horticulture and carpentry, let our experts help you on your next garden project.

Our Garden Structure Services Include:                                                                Our Landscaping Services:

  • STANDARD AND CUSTOM WORK                                                                      LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE
  • ARBORS                                                                                                                LANDSCAPE INSTALLATION AND DESIGN
  • TRELLISES                                                                                                            WEEDING AND WEED CONTROL
  • WINDOW AND PLANTER BOXES                                                                        INSECT, DISEASE, AND DEER CONTROL
  • BIRDHOUSES                                                                                                       TRACTOR SERVICE
  • GARDEN ART                                                                                                        CONSULTATIONS
  • WELDING AND METAL WORK                                                                             IRRIGATION CONTRACTORS

Japanese Style Arbor

handmade cedar and Mahogany

Custom Gates

mortise and tenon ipe gate

Obelisk Trellis

Mahogany and Cedar